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If you're looking to save even more on your flood insurance, consider a private plan from the experts at Delain Insurance Agency.


We can provide you with a flood insurance plan that is significantly less than the plans from the National Flood Service.

Knowledgeable Flood Insurance Service

We have been recognized by the National Flood Service for our knowledge in the field of flood insurance. We receive leads from the National Flood Service and pass the savings on to you! Affordable coverage is possible even if you live in a flood zone

Delain Insurance Agency is a member of the Strategic Insurance Alliance of the Great Lakes and offers a wide range of companies to choose from.

We find the right plan for you

Extended hours are available by appointment if you're unable to see us during regular business hours.

Delain Insurance Agency is dedicated to giving you the best customer service - guaranteed.


When you come to us for flood insurance, we'll make sure to look for the correct flood zones, construction classifications, and waiting periods to offer you the best rate.

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